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Do the Locomotion – and caching before this

Today was the big event in Grandview, Idaho. The Do the Locomotion Event event started at 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The idea for the day was head south and cut in towards the end off the top 100 cachers in … Continue reading

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The Oregon Trail

Today we headed out to the Oregon trail. The Oregon trail is interesting in the fact these are not easy micro’s they are blood test tubes that are painted brown to match the bushes they are hidden in. Some are … Continue reading

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Boise, Idaho and Day 2 of the “Jet”

Today we came in from a different road than yesterday because we were headed for the right wing and nose of the F-16. Today it was out mission to complete the F-16 and move on to other caches in the … Continue reading

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Boise Idaho and The “Jet”

This is the first day of doing the “Jet”. This has been in the plans for some time. Sweet-Marie had said last year that she wanted to do it this past Spring but that wasn’t to be due to her … Continue reading

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Off to Boise, Idaho and the “Jet”

Today I was headed to Boise,Idaho with Sweet-Marie and Rumrunner1 and all had to get up at 2:00 AM to board our 5:00 AM flight from Bellingham, Washington to Boise, Idaho. Upon waking up I checked a new publication for … Continue reading

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This is why Caching 101 courses are needed in BC.

There is a young cacher in the area who had found 1 cache. The young cacher decides that they should place 2 caches. Both caches lasted about 2 weeks before being archived by the reviewer. They were: GC3VGJ6 GC3VGK7 The … Continue reading

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