I have been retired for 15 years due to an on the Job injury with my back. There are times my back bothers me but for the most part I can manage the pain fairly well. I started caching to help me get more exercise which my Doctors have told me is good for my back.

I took up Geocaching in 2008 to get me out walking more, and getting some exercise as my Doctor had suggested, that it has done. As a result my Doctor now caches as well. To learn what it is visit this link .

I have been known to cache at night, and I do mean night. The funny part is I have met the most cachers while caching at night. It is amazing who you will meet in the weirdest of places at night. I have run into one bear at night in the most unlikely of locations down in Port Mann.

In my spare time I run a cruise related webpage on the Panama Canal.

This blog will touch on my caching and hopefully you will see some of the neat places one can cache and where I have cached.


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