Publishing an Event – not so fast

One would think that getting an Event cache published would not be that hard.
It should be as easy as filling in the blanks and hitting submit.

Not so quick I have found out.

Back in September I tried to get an Event Published for the Mount Seymour Fish Hatchery Open house that happens once a year.
In the past the BCGA has been involved and this year because of the Forest Fire rating the event was not posted until about 2.5 weeks before it happened.
The idea is a shuttle bus is provided from the parking lot to the hatchery (non-profit) 11 km up the mountain. This would allow cachers to visit the hatchery but also walk down a very nice trail to pick up the caches beside the trail on the way down.

The Event was turned down for a reason I was surprised at which was I was holding an event alongside another event. The Hatchey was considered commercial despite what the website said. There was nothing I could do except appeal it which I did and have not heard back as I write this. The event date is long passed.

The interesting thing was the very next day two Events were published that were being held along side other events in a park.

This past week I submitted another event which I thought (along with others) thought would be a slam dunk. The event was for the December 31 Say Good-bye 2015, Hello 2016 events which Groundspeak is sponsoring.
I live near a great location which has lots of parking a covered area and bathrooms. This appears to now be a requirement of hosting an event.

I submitted the time as 9:00 AM and because it is a work day I listed it as a 4 Difficulty explaining that I wanted this rating because it was a work day. I have done other events like this at 8:00 AM and listed them as a 5 Difficulty and called on by the reviewer and once explained my rating has been allowed despite what the rules suggest.
I then added a Scuba Attribute to the cache page. I do this for my fellow cachers who are working on Challenge Caches who need this Attribute to complete a challenge. I have a couple of caches with this on it today. I have had many emails from cachers thanking me for this as they were able to complete a challenge as a result.
If one looks at the many power trails in the desert they have this attribute on them. I have never heard of a problem or had a problem doing this until now.

I submit the cache once done and it is rejected for 3 reasons.

-Parking coordinates are incorrect.
-The cache is a Difficulty 4 and should be reduced to a 1 due to the guidelines in the rules for events.
-I have incorrectly placed a Scuba Attribute and this should be corrected.

The parking coordinates were correctly submitted but were entered in the wrong box which I thought were connected to the cache location. I have not used the “new” cache page much and stayed with the old page until I was forced to use it. This caused me the problem and I corrected it.
I explained the Scuba Attribute along with lowering the Difficulty to 1.5.
Yep rejected again because none of this allowed even with an explanation.

I have to say this about the Reviewer I am dealing with and that is we have some history that caused me some problems a few years back. I had to submit all my caches to Headquarters for a period of time and didn’t have any problems. I then am placed back into the regular reviewer pool and this reviewer has yet to allow any of my caches.
One of the reasons sure had the WTF moment and then the appeal to groundspeak had everyone who has read it including Canada Customs going really, but this is for another post.
I have held Events in other places in the world and not one problem. I have placed caches in other parts of the world and not one problem, yet try and do it here and I get rejected.
This may not appear so bad but almost all my known Geocaching friends that have tried to place caches have been subject to major scrutiny. One of these friends has been told the reason is because who you associate with.

I don’t mind there being a problem, but being told exactly how I have to publish a cache with no latitude allowed (which has been allowed before for both myself and others) is what bothers me. If Events are now only allowed to be a 1/1 then only allow the event page to show that. It is a simple script change.

Even more frustrating is the fun is being sucked out of the game. I suspect that the many problems I have experienced and heard of recently is why many are saying no more premium membership (as we are not being treated as customers) and Munzee here we come.

There is more to say on this and stay tuned.

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The Road to Jasmer

In caching there is a Jasmer Challenge where one is to find a geocache placed in every month since May 2000.

The Jasmer Challenge gets it’s name after a cacher by the name of jasmerb. He came up with the idea in December 2008 and created the first Jasmer challenge

Many cachers have looked at this challenge and tried to complete with many finding problems along the way.

Every year I try and challenge myself with what I want to accomplish for the next year as far as geocaching goes. I decided last December I would try and complete the Jasmer Challenge. What I didn’t know is what lengths I would I have to go to find a cache in verey month for 15+ years. The big problem is the first 20 months of caching. Many of the original caches are no longer around and one has to travel great distances to find a cache placed in the needed moth.
If you live in North America you don’t have to travel that far compared to elsewhere in the world as they have to come to North America to complete the challenge.

Out of the 20 months I needed 10 months. I found a great list of the oldest caches and used it to help me along the way.

What I didn’t know is exactly how far I would have to drive this year. My first trip of the challenge took me to Alberta where I would get Alberta’s first geocache Strathcona Wilderness 1. I would also get one other cache in Alberta before returning back home.

The net trip would require a trip to Nephi, Utah to get Potters Pond. This required a drive to almost 10,000 feet then a hike up a mountain that took 40 minutes. Getting this cache was very rewarding as ALL 5 log books were in the cache and one could look back for 15 years. The area the cache was in was amazing as well.

There was the trip in September a few weeks back that had me visit the Portland Area to get GC16, GC17 and GC142. GC16 and GC17 that required good hikes to get these.

After this I returned home and I was left with 2 to get and the closest ones to me were in Northern California.

I left for northern California on October 1st headed for Klamath Falls and stayed the night. That night I did several Virtual caches in the area.
In the morning I headed south into California and a cache called Vitreous. The drive in was something else as my OSM maps was lacking a forestry road I needed and had me do a 36 km detour. Looking at my GPS and coming upon a road that looked like it might take me directly there I decided to try it. Sure enough it was only a few kilometers to the cache along this road.
Getting to this cache and the short walk in is why I love doing this. It was an amazing area. I located the cache and it was placed in December 2000 and there was only 1 logbook and it was the original one. Not many people (140) have been here since it was placed.

From here it was off to Gilroy California where I would visit friends for the weekend.

Leaving Gilroy I head up and over to Yuba City and get GC5F which is just a plain old stop sign cache, nothing special about it other than it fills a spot in my calendar for the month.
From here is was point the car north and head home.
I had completed what I set out to do this trip.

Upon arriving home I had one more cache to get to complete this challenge. While I had now found the oldest caches I needed I had to find a cache that was placed in October 2015.
That was soon done.

Along the way I have traveled (cruised) around the world and visited some amazing places. I have met some amazing people. I have set a record that I am certain that I share with no other cacher and that is finding a cache on the road as far as you can drive in Canada outside of Inuvik NWT and the farthest you can drive in South America in Ushuaia Argentina a distance of 14,847 km apart.

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TFTC, TFTH – Really?

Ahh yes Found Logs with just this in them.
For those that have no idea these means it means:
TFTC – Thanks for the Cache
TFTH – Thanks for the Hide

These are common when one writes a Found log on a cache at the end of the log.

Now with the advent of Mobile Phone apps for geocaching this appears to be all we see no matter how good the cache was.

There are many Cache Owners (CO) that spend a lot of time getting the container together and then finding the spot to place the cache and making the cache page itself. This is not done in 30 minutes as some would believe.

For myself I along with 2 other cachers we placed a series of caches that are basically different from each other cache. We tried to make each one unique and some that you would have to really think. In fact I have one cache that has over a 55% Did not Find (DNF) rate. I have no idea why many don’t like to log DNF’s but is it because it looks like you failed?
DNF’s when logged show a CO that there may be a problem with the cache.

I have had 1 DNF log and then a Owner Maintenance Required Log. Really? The reason is I have found over 5000 caches so if I can’t find it then it must be missing. I hate it when I see this because it means I have to go and visit the cache and see if it is missing. The kicker is you didn’t even log a DNF you went right to the Owner Maintenance log.
I really hate certain caches that I know are there.
There are cachers with over 30,000 found caches that I cache with and they log DNF’s so why can’t you?

For those out there that have taken to just being quick it is one thing to do this for a lamp skirt but on a good cache really? We as cache owners put a lot of time and effort into placing these for you to find. I love reading the logs for my caches and I know many other Co’s do as well.

Don’t be afraid to give a cache a Favorite Point either if it is unique. Many of you have more Favorite Points than you know what to do with. It makes us know we did something right when we thought of this cache. It makes us want to make one even better.

Think about your log and the cache before you just put TFTC or TFTH….

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The Road to Potters Pond – GC3B

I have been looking at travelling to this cache for some time now. I do believe there are only 3 caches left in the USA/Canada that were placed in August 2000. Two of these caches are in Eastern USA and the third is in Utah.
If one wants to fill their JASMIR Chart then one of these 3 caches will be needed.

The problem with this cache is it is located about 2790 m (9100 ft.) above sea level so snow poses a problem for the major part of the year.

If one travels to this cache too early there is a locked gate about 12 km (8 miles) before the cache. One just has to read the logs to see see the problems many have had trying to get to the starting point for the cache.

I had studied this cache for some time after reading many logs for the last year. I also looked at the map that BlueRajah the Reviewer for the area posted and then the satellite maps as well.
Many talked about taking 2 hours to get to the cache and bushwhacking to the cache.
With the map above I projected it onto a Satellite map and had my way there.

The next problem was when we would do this cache. There had been talk of late September early October when it might be cooler.

It was decided that because of one of the party had to work we could only afford 5 days to drive from Vancouver to Potters Pond return. It was doable we thought.

I learned that there was another caching couple of Tugman and Wifey who have been wanting to do this cache as well and were looking at doing it a week or two after us. It was soon put together that we would team up and do it together. The plan was to leave Saturday morning and return Wednesday at about dinner.

The four of us left early Saturday morning and the stop for the night would be at Mountain Home, Idaho. Part of the problem for this trip would be the temperatures about 38- 41 C.
After crossing the Canada/USA border we headed south to the 405 before taking it and starting our trip east. Along the way we stopped to grab a cache or two.

It was a good thing that we decided and agreed that we would stay in Mountain Home, Idaho and the Mountain Home Inn.
We got there and it was HOT!…..
We checked into the Hotel and then headed out for dinner and did several caches after dinner before retiring for the night.

The next morning we on the road by 8 AM where the plan was to stop briefly in Twin Falls at the Bridge going over the Snake River. I can not stress this that this is worth the stop.

A note here that you can click on any of the following photos to see a larger version of it.

Snake River

View of the Snake River

There is a walkway under the bride offering great views of the Snake River. On the east side it also offers a view of the dirt pile that Evil Knievel used when he jumped the Snake River.


Base Jumpers jump from this bridge. One can see them packing their chutes for a jump.

The pictures posted here do not do this justice.

We also went down below to do the Virtual cache Centennial Waterfront Park and have a different view of the bridge.

view from below

view from below

View on the way down.

View on the way down.

From here we were soon back on the road to Nephi Utah.

Along the way we would make several more stops for caches and fuel.

Arriving in Nephi we soon found Motel 6 which we had booked before we left for two nights.
I have to say this Motel 6 isn’t your typical Motel 6 because you enter the rooms from the inside.
The first indication there might be a problem was all the old beds piled up in back of the parking lot. The next was after we checked in was the fact we learned the Wi-Fi wasn’t available in the room. Next was the fact we had a renovated room that was only partially painted. Tugman and Wifey had a fridge and Microwave and we didn’t.
I would avoid this Motel 6 till they get it done.

We went to Denny’s for dinner and forgot the fact that one can’t get a beer in this state in Denny’s.

After dinner we went out to do some letterbox caches. There is a power trail in the area with about 250 LetterBox caches. One of the caches was a really neat Virtual called DAUGHTERS OF THE UTAH PIONEERS IN NEPHI CACHE



This was followed by another virtual called Old Mill Park Cache

Old Mill Park Cache

Old Mill Park Cache

On Monday morning we left the hotel about 630 AM knowing that it would be about a 90 minute driver to Potters Pond.

We pointed the Escape east on Highway 132 to Moroni and onto 116 to Mount Pleasant where we joined 89 north to Fairview. Once at Fairview we joined Canyon Road ( Highway 31) around. When you approach State Route 264, keep right towards the Klondike cache.
When you get to this cache What’s a Graben? then turn right. This is Millers Flat Road. This road is drive-able in the family car and is also on Google Street view.
I am going to tell you now DO NOT take Skyline Road which looks to be shorter and quicker but this road soon changes and turns to a huge mud pit if there has been any rain.

Arriving at Potters Pond some 80 minutes after we left we stopped at the bathrooms and went looking for the infamous campsite 19. When we arrived 19 had two trailers in it so we parked at the trail head. The GPS indicated that we were about 320 m away from the cache but we read where it had taken some over 2 hours to travel this distance.
We prepared to leave each spraying a good amount of bug juice on each other. The trail was well marked here and we followed it and soon found the infamous log one has to cross. Both Carol and Marg didn’t want to cross the log so Tugman had brought a pair of gumboots along they would use to cross the creek.
Once across we headed off through the clearing and did the letterbox cache and then continued through the clearing and up the mountain. The boots were stored nearby for the return trip.
While we found the trail up and stayed on it I took a track of it and posted it to Open Street maps as well as a photo of it here.

Potters Pond Track to the cache

Potters Pond Track to the cache

Upon getting close to the cache we stopped on a log to rest for the last push to the cache. It was soon discovered that the cache was right where we were resting. While yes the coordinates are out one has to remember this cache was placed 15 years with an older model GPS.

From the time we left the Escape to the time we located the cache was about 50 minutes.

It should be noted that the cache height above sea level should be taken into account when doing this. Nephi is slightly over 5,000 feet up and the affects of the lack of O2 is noticeable for most. Make sure you take water!

Trail Head near Campsite 19

Trail Head near Campsite 19

The crossing

The crossing

The infamous tree

The infamous tree

The cache

The cache

opening up the cache for the first time.

opening up the cache for the first time.

After opening up the cache one of the first things to pop out was a can of bug spray. Very appropriate we thought.

Tugman and Wifey signing the log

Tugman and Wifey signing the log

Wifey looking at the log

Wifey looking at the log

Philatsea - Gong-Show - Tugman and Wifey

Philatsea – Gong-Show – Tugman and Wifey

Tugman and Wifey

Tugman and Wifey

Gong-Show and Philatsea

Gong-Show and Philatsea

The logbooks right from day 1

The logbooks right from day 1

meadow on the way down

meadow on the way down

some of the wild flowers

some of the wild flowers

back we go

back we go

The trip back down to the Escape took us about 25 minutes.

water crossing to campsite 19

water crossing to campsite 19

view of the valley

view of the valley

Oh What A View - Above Fairview Lakes cache

Oh What A View – Above Fairview Lakes cache about 9300 feet up

From here it was back to Nephi and caching along the way doing several Earthcaches, Traditional caches and Letterbox caches.

We decided to concentrate on LetterBox caches string at this cache. This road is in good shape and a car could drive it. While do a string of the letterbox caches we had to cut our trip short due to a Thunder and Lighting storm approaching us. We could start to feel the rain and really didn’t want to get caught out here in this.
Arriving back at the Motel we had logged about 100 caches for the day so far including Potters Pond!
We got cleaned up and headed for dinner across the street.
After dinner we did some more caches north of town finishing up the day with about 115 caches.

On Tuesday morning we started the trip back home with a stop in Salt lake City to do the Virtuals around the Temple. This took us to some very interesting parks. I have to say this is why I love doing these!

This following cache (Gilgal) is one that you would have no idea it was even there unless you had a reason to visit.



It has a lot to do with the Mormon Church and one takes away what they want but the Virtual sure gets you to look.

We stayed in La Grande for the night before proceeding back home today.

There were many more caches along the way home including this view at I Hate I-84, A Nice View cache. It should be noted this is an older cache placed in December 2001.

I Hate I-84, A Nice View

I Hate I-84, A Nice View

Arriving back home around 7:00 PM tonight has brought us full circle, driving some 3800 kms in this time.

We completed this trip June 27th to July 1st 2015.

I could not ask for a better group to do this trip with. I thank Carol, Marg and Malcolm for putting up with me.

I would like to also Thank BlueRajah the Reviewer for posting all the information about getting to this cache.

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BCGA Part 3

I got up this morning to an email from the President of the BCGA.

The tone of her email is I am being disrespectful of her and the Executive.
The comment in her initial email yesterday was why I waited till I did to tell them of the problem. There was no Thank you for telling us and no could you help us deal with this.
The fact was I didn’t learn of the problem till late the night before. I went to bed after midnight and woke around 9 AM yesterday.
I then went and did my personal things I had to do and then got back to work looking at this some more and drafting an email.
The email was sent at my earliest possible time.
Yes I took them to task about the problem because this isn’t the first time this has happened. This is the fourth time this has happened and the BCGA has not learned from the previous three times.

The situation here is the BCGA is being disrespectful of the membership for first making a web-page live when they had no idea of how the software they were using worked.
Then they tried to make “special” logins for the Executive which they tried to hide their info so it wouldn’t be seen by others. The problem was it still told one in the URL. This says to me that they didn’t want their information public so lets do it for ourselves and to the heck with the rest of the membership.
They got caught and now trying to make it look like it is my fault.

I made a point of telling them to take the live page down till they get all the problems sorted out. That didn’t happen because they know best.

In last nights post I said it will be interesting to see if the continued problems would be fixed this morning. The answer is no they are not fixed.

So who is being disrespectful?

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What is the BCGA Part 2

A few weeks back I asked on here what is the BCGA and got some interesting feedback.

One which is posted here is by the old webmaster himself. While I didn’t identify him he chose to do so himself.

I have had a conversation or two with Henry in the past about the web-page and while he admits he is not a HTML expert but a programmer for other computer languages. So Henry shouldn’t be charging full price if you are not qualified in it.
My thoughts on this have been for the last several years have been, when one is in over their head say something or ask for help. Henry didn’t do that.
Henry says “I have not ‘web mastered’ the site in 2 years.”. Really Henry did you not run the Election for the BCGA in the spring of 2014 or 2013? Sorry but that is within the two years.
So Henry here are the facts:
March 04 2013 the BCGA Executive authorized a payment to you for $303.78
September 23 2013 the BCGA Executive authorized payment to you for $731.25

Of the last amount above $157.50 was for the Election along with $45.00 for membership updates during the Election. Imagine what the cost would have been if you not given the BCGA a break? I have no idea what the membership updates were during the election. I am not sure why you were doing updates of members when the only thing you were to do was fix the voting modal if there was a problem. Look I can’t fault you for this but I fault the BCGA for not looking elsewhere.
A 3rd party voting company was around $120 when I last checked.

I suggested 3 years ago that we move to a different method by contracting to an outside company to cast the votes. This way is is fair and impartial. That was turned down because the Voting Module was considered better and cost less, I just proved above this wasn’t the case.
So Henry my head was not up my ass as you have suggested and yes I do know how to read a calendar. It would appear that you Henry don’t know how to read a calendar. So to help you understand this March 2013 would be 26 months and September 2013 would be 20 months. There are 24 months in 2 years and you said it was over 2 years ago. Does this help you now?
Oh yes by the way, you did declare this on your income tax as income didn’t you?

This brings me to the BCGA’s Newsletter yesterday. I have for three years been harping on the BCGA to go outside and use a 3rd party for voting. Yesterday the BCGA announced they have done just that with the addition of servers and the company located in Canada. This too has been a bug of mine since the USA Canned spam act of allowing the collection of information on USA based servers. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, if it is on a USA server it is fair game.
I congratulate the BCGA for taking this bold step.

It is funny how the BCGA has come around to some of my suggestions over the years.

Now I saw something that really puzzled me in yesterdays newsletter. I was looking at who is elected and not running and saw All That Glitters as a Director at large. No where on the BCGA could I find any mention of this in recent minutes nor a current list of who the Executives were. It was not till almost dinner before a post was made on the forums explaining there was a resignation and an appointment.
This should have been done prior to the news letter going out.

What I did notice in reading the many months of recent minutes there is not one report at the Executive Meetings from the Treasure. Why?

Now if the BCGA would only remove the the Drivers Licence requirement for membership this would be even better as the BC Privacy Act does not allow for this type of use.

Yesterday while doing research for the above I came upon a very troubling item with the new BCGA web-page. The new webmaster left many back doors open to the website including the ability to view the membership list to the forums which totals 5025 members.
I was able to see peoples caching names then their first and last names. This on the surface may not seam like much, but it is. The practice for registering on Forums goes back to to the start of newsgroups and forums where one uses a “screen name” to post under. This is done to stop harassment of people and to protect them.
The BCGA violated their own Privacy Policy by doing this and one can bet that even a apology will be issued.
I learned something else interesting that the BCGA Executives registered them selves differently than the rest of us on the site. I found a test membership that show they were playing around trying to hide their first/last names and just have their caching names appear. The problem with this was the webmaster did know exactly how to do this so the names of those he tried to change appeared in the URL line of the browser.
So the question is what makes the Executive so special?

I was searching on the BCGA site and it is so screwed up that I went to Google and did a search.
Let me explain how this works. Google and other search engines send out bots several times a day to search for new pages and changes and then list them on the search engine. Now there are ways to stop these bots from looking at your page by entering some code in the header to tell the bot what to do with that page. You can say no to the bot or not index links on the page to name a couple. If you do nothing then the bot defaults to look at everything.

One may not think this is a problem but here a scenario that I was made aware of today. A member registers on the site under their legal name with their geocaching name. Now they are known by a different name to the caching world to protect them selves from a past abusive relationship. Now the legal information gets snapped up and catalogued in Google. Google then marries the two names together because of the caching name. If that spouse ever does a Google search then that person has been outed.

Google provided me a link to an open directory on the BCGA site. I could see everything back to the start of the BCGA. The interesting part was being able to view files I am sure the BCGA didn’t want to be seen. What puzzles me is files that were typed one day and then back dated on the site itself. Why is this?
There is an easy way to close these directory folders and I have to say it was likely one of the first things I was taught when I built my first page.

This afternoon I sent an email to the BCGA advising them that there were problems. I advised them to take the site down and fix the problems and get the site done right before making it live again.

Early this evening I received an email from the BCGA and it said that the problems were fixed and they were not aware the membership list was view able. I was then scolded because I did not advise them earlier of this. Well I have a life and it took some time to draft the email to them to explain the problem.

Well I checked right after the email and some of the problems are not fixed.
The BCGA has locked everyone out from being able to change their personal information and how to subscribe to different things on the site. SO how do we do this now?
I had advised them not to bring the site back online till all was fixed, but hey they know best.
The BCGA has once again been advised that they still have problems.

As I told the Executive tonight sometimes they have to swallow some pride and admit they are in over their heads and ask for help.

Lets see if it is fixed by morning…

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What is the BCGA?

The question I have heard for the last year is what happened to the BC Geocaching Association (BCGA).

I have no idea I have told fellow cachers.

I suppose one has to ask are they even around anymore? I have had no email from the leadership saying otherwise, mind you I wouldn’t expect one either even though I am a member.

You know for an Association that says they represent Geocaching in BC one would be hard pressed to find out how.

Lets look back at the last year on some things. The Executive started cacher on the month but that lasted 3 months and was done.

The website is down for the count and no one can log in because the so called webmaster can’t fix the problems because the code is so out dated. What was he being paid for at the tune of over $1000 a year? I told them there was a problem some 3 years ago and they didn’t believe me then. They then left the backdoor to the email program open not once not twice but three times. It was then I sent an email to all members to not reply to anything because every member was getting a copy of their private information.
I was then suspended all be it temporarily from the site for this because they wouldn’t listen to my other two requests to fix this.
The BCGA has taken to sending out Spam in the form of emails for new cache listings in BC. These listings are often months old. There is also no way to get removed from the list because the web page is broken.

So exactly how many events have the BCGA held in the last year or so? I would say two (CITO’s maybe) because they have tagged onto the Metro Vancouver Geocachers group. I have seen no posting of minutes or anything else they have done. We have had one Director step down as well.

The BIG one is we have the 15th Anniversary of Geocaching coming up and there is NO event in BC hosted by the BCGA? What we get is an event hosted by Katcogo the President of the BCGA called Celebrating The Big Blue Switch.
When one reads the page it says towards the bottom “Rumour has it that there may be an announcement with some exciting news from the BC Geocaching Association”.
Really I hope this news is saying the BCGA is no more.
The announcement though should be sent to the membership prior to being announced at the event.
It says a lot when the BCGA can’t even host an event about Geocaching when they are the ones they think representing Geocaching in BC.

Lets also look at the mess the BCGA made with the Metro Vancouver Parks 500 m rule. There has been rumours that this was caused by myself and two other cachers because of a “so called power trail” we were putting in from Fort Langley to the Golden Ears Bridge. The truth is we could have placed well over 80+ caches along this route if we wanted but we didn’t. We had many things to consider like the problem on Vancouver Island for the Mega Event and puzzle solutions. It turns out that during correspondence with the BCGA and reviewer the number of caches over the distance worked out to 500m between caches on average. The BCGA thought this was a good number. I did get wind of this and sent a letter to the BCGA saying don’t use this number as there are many things that come into play. It was further stated that 500 m would pretty much kill caching in Metro Vancouver parks. I am guessing since April 01 2013 there has not been more than a handful of caches placed in parks because of this rule.
The BCGA soon found out how bad this rule was and did not and will not go and revisit it.

It is also interesting how the President shows up at the Metro Vancouver Geocachers Events to monitor what is going on and what is said. Really you are worried about this group? What you need to worry about is how to clean up your own house. Stop ordering coins you can not sell.

Now lets see if the announcement on Saturday is the BCGA turning the switch off, one can only hope. It would be interesting to see how many actual BCGA members are there.

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