Garmin FREE Routable Maps – May 2018 Update

I have been lucky to travel the world Geocaching along the way.
The problem was maps were a big problem. I remember going to Europe in 2009 and buying Garmin maps that took forever to draw/move.

Then there were free maps by Ibycus but they were NOT routable.  That means they would not tell you how to get from point a to b.

Then Open Street maps (OSM) came along with a version for Garmin GPS that were routable.
Since then I have not looked back.
They are FREE and pretty much cover the globe. I have used them in China, India, Vietnam, Japan to name a few places and they have been good.

The best parts of these maps they are updated every 2-3 weeks and they are FREE.
Maps you buy from Garmin are on average using data that can be as much as as 12 months out when the map is published.

I am amazed that many out there that use several models of Garmin GPS still don’t know that their GPS can be loaded with FREE maps. Look at you specs of your GPS and see if has the ability to add maps, if it says yes then this should work for you. The site is called Free worldwide routable Garmin maps.

I know the Garmin 62 series, Gamin 64 series, Oregon 300, Oregon 450, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750,  Garmin 78 series, Montana series, eTrex 20, 30 accept these maps.
Now a word of caution the early Oregon have a size limit to the microSD Cards of 4 GB while other have upwards of 16 GB limit.
I have the 62S and 64S and have found these maps to be very good and the best part they are routable. What this means is you can get turn by turn directions from point A to B or the geocache. These maps are updated on a regular bases and they allow users such as yourself to upload tracks to place in the may of new roads or trails.

Something new that has been added since my last post on this is you get a choice of the type of map you can select such as Generic Routable (new style) which shows more detail such as tunnels.

So once you open the page you have to select the type of map. I recommend Generic Routable (new style) now.

You then have to select the map for a particular area such as a Province/State or Country, in this example I have used British Columbia (BC), if that is all you need. If not skip down to Custom Maps

Now once you have selected BC you can now download by going to the link in the screen shot below.Click the download map now!link and you will see this:

Click on the photo above or any photo in this blog to see a larger clearer version.

You want to select the bottom link osm generic new

Once you download this zip file you have to unzip the file. This is done by double clicking on the folder and once it opens you should see a file called gmapsupp which should be a disc image file.
Save it to your desktop and then right click on it and change the name to this gmapsupp.bc as this is a map for BC. If it is a Country then change it to gmapsupp.countryname.
The reason you need to add/change the name is because if you add another map named gmapsupp it will overwrite the map already there.

Once this is done you can place it on your microSD card. I suggest either connecting your GPS to your computer and locating your memory card if you have one or taking a new microSD card and using the adapter and insert it into your computer, the later is much quicker.
If your microSD card is new you have to add a folder called Garmin. If not and it was used for something else you have to format the card then add the Garmin Folder.
Once this is done open the Garmin folder and drag gmapsupp.bc  or other such file into this folder or send it to it.

Once this is done the above remove the microSD card from the adapter and insert the microSD card into your GPS.

Now turn on your GPS and go to map set-up and see if the map turns up in the menu. It will show up either of one of two ways Enabled – OSM World Routable or the name you just gave it or Disabled, if it is disabled then enable it.

Now go to the map and the area you downloaded and make sure it is there.

I will now explain how you to make a custom map.

You can not download a separate OSM Map say for BC and Washington and place them on the same microsSD card as along borders you will end up with a thatched area.
The reason for this is that each map set shares the same tile for each map set along a border. The GPS does not know how to read two tiles at the same time so the area shows up thatched.

can-us border

As you can see how the tiles overlap the Canada/USA border.

To get around this we can make a Custom Map and select the tiles we want for the places we are going.
For instance last year I did a cruise from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Greece, Malta  to Barcelona Spain through the Suez Canal. I selected the tiles for the whole trip and made one map and placed it onto my GPS. It worked great and got me around in these places.

So we once again start by selecting our Map Type.We then move down the page and we see this box.

Put a tick in the top box marked in yellow then enter your email

Put a tick in the top box marked in yellow then enter your email address below

We then move the map to the area we want to make a map for and zoom into that area. I say this because in some places there are some very small tiles and then can be missed if you don’t. I can tell you from experience that I did this in the early days and get to a place and no map. I also suggest selecting an additional tile if you are going near the edge of a map. I have near the edge and realized I need to go farther to get turned around and once again no map.

Click on each tile you want to select to make your custom map.

Click on each tile you want to select to make your custom map.

Click on each tile you want  and the tile will turn blue this is the area you have selected and want for your map.You can see there are 2 tiles I have not select but would have continued to select them for my map but wanted to show you the difference.
Once you have finished selecting the map you want then zoom out and see if it what you want.
If it is what you want then scroll up the page and where you entered your email address you will see a button Build my Map. Click it once!

You will then be taken to a screen that tells you how many are ahead of you. You will also get an email with a tracking link that you can check the status of your map.
Once the map has been completed you will get a second email with a link you click to take you to the download.

In most cases you only have to concern yourself with 2 choices above.

In most cases you only have to concern yourself with 2 choices above.

You want to select the link osm generic new for your GPS and download it.
This is important that you note how long your link is good for. You can usually only download from the link supplied for 60 to 72 hours. If you miss this window then you have to start all over.

I am going to touch on something briefly and that is there is a link ending in windows exe. Reading to the right of it you can notice that the map you made can ne installed on Garmin Base Camp/Map Source. Just remember that it is installed as a generic name and will be over written each time unless you change the name.

Once you have downloaded the map you then follow the same instructions at the top of the page to install it.

I am going to give you a link to a program called  JaVawa device Manager

This program can do many things such as change map names on your GPS and change map names for Base Camp and Map Source. It can update you GPS to the latest firmware.
I also recommend that you don’t do this just before a planned trip.
The help file for this program will take you though what it can do.

I hope this helps and drop me a comment if you have a problem.

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Garmin Communicator Plug-in Fix – Updated – July 4 2018

It would appear that Firefox has killed my previous fix to the Garmin Communicator Plug-in fix dated November 5 2016.

I ask you to read this whole page BEFORE you attempt this. Make sure you feel comfortable doing this. I accept no responsibility for what may happen. Each computer is different and once in a blue moon things go sideways.

There is another work around to this that I have found and tried and it does work. Now I have to warn you this fix could leave you open to unauthorized Plug-ins being installed in Firefox.
If you are willing to try it, then follow my instructions and the Garmin Plug-in will work once again. The downside is Firefox says they will close this fix in early 2018.

Firefox has a version of Firefox called Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR). This version allows to make a minor change to the config file to allow the Garmin Plug-in to install. This version will update as per normal but it will be the ESR version. The current version is 52.9.0 that will work for this fix. There is a version 60.1.0 version of ESR but it WILL NOT work with this fix.
You need to download the latest Firefox ESR version from here. If the link does not take you to version 52.9.0 then to the right of  Fully localized versions displays Firefox 60 and Firefox 52, click 52.

Select your language and download the Windows version. Do not download the 64 bit version even if you have a 64 bit computer because this fix will not work with the 64 bit version. The 32 bit browser will work on 64 bit computers.
Once downloaded please locate the location and install the Firefox ESR version.
I found all bookmarks etc. will be moved over to this version.

Once you have installed the browser you can open it.

– Once open type this into the URL box about:config
– You will get a warning saying “this might void your warranty” Click “I accept the risk”.

I should add that clicking on any photo in my blog will show you a larger version of the photo so you can see it better. Using the back arrow will return you to the Blog.

– When the page opens you will see this:

All the config information is now listed on this page.

You will now need top scroll down to xpinstall.signatures.required

Note the value on the far right says “true” We now need to change that value to “false” by highlighting the line as above by clicking on it. Depending on how your computer/mouse is set-up a single or double click is needed to change this to “false”.

Once you do this it should look like this:

What you have done is told Firefox to allow the installation of the Communicator Plug-in and along with this you have allowed other plug-ins as well. That is why I gave you the warning at the beginning.

Now close the window and the settings have been re-set.

Now open Firefox and you should be able to install the Garmin Plug-in.

As far as I can tell one of two things will happen for those that still had the Plug-in installed before updating to Firefox ESR the plug-in should work by doing this:

In the upper feft corner you should see this.

If you follow that line across you should see this in the upper right corner. Click Allow and another box will popup in the left corner.

This box says Allow and Remember and you need to click that.
Now you should be able to load individual caches to your GPS like below.

Use this step if the above step does not work for you.

You will need to download the Garmin Communicator Plug-in here .

Install it and then follow the directions above.

I hope this helps you get back to having this feature.

I really wish Garmin and Firefox would fix this once and for all.

Any questions just ask.

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Garmin Communicator Plug-in Fix

This post has been superseded by this post due to Firefox has closed this fix with their latest update.

Many of us that have a Garmin GPS for Geocaching have run into the dreaded FireFox no Longer supports Garmin Communicator Plug-in message below.
This has been a problem for well over a year or so.

What I have learned in all this is it is NOT totally true that FireFox no longer supports the Communicator Plug-in, the issue is Firefox no longer supports non digitally signed plug-ins.
This was done to protect us as the consumer from hacking etc.

This problem also appears to surface when we get a JAVA update and we have to repeat this fix.

What I did learn is the last digitally signed Garmin Communicator Plug-in can be downloaded here .

So we need to download the Communicator Plugin 420.exe from the link above. Note where you saved it to.
You should then go to the top of Firefox and open Tools then Add-ons then Extensions then find Communicator Plugin (which will likely show disabled) then click remove. You should restart the browser if not asked.
I ask you to do this step because Communicator Plugin 421 was issued and was not digitally signed and since been removed and you can not install a lower version of any plug-in that is already installed.

Then go to where you saved Communicator Plugin 420.exe and install it.

Once this is done you will be asked to restart Firefox.


Connect your GPS and go to and the Cache you want to load.

You will get a message saying NOT supported, don’t panic.


Click on photo above for larger version

There is a message bar/line above the error message above saying Allow to run “Garmin Communicator” that runs width of the page with this written on the left then on the right you will see this below.

allowarrowClick Allow.
You may then get a message on the left side that says only this time or remember, click remember.

Once this is done and you ask Geocaching to send to GPS the first time you should get this box:
allow-01Click Yes.

This should now work for you and you should see this.
successSelect where you want to save the cache.

I have always recommended that one loads their caches on a micro-sd card because several Garmin units have an issue of corrupting the GPX file stored on the unit itself. Oregon 300/400/500 and 550 units have this problem as well as GMap 62’s that I know of.
I have been out in the middle of no where with fellow cachers when this has happened. They are not happy.
If this happens when you use a micro-sd card all you do is removed the sd card restart the unit and wait a minute. Turn the unit off and reinstall the sd card and all should be good again.

I hope this helps you solve your Garmin Communicator Plug-in problem. I have used this fix to solve many fellow cachers issue with this.


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Cruising and Geocaching, what is in a Name?

As you may have noticed that my caching name is Philatsea. I chose this because I started cruising back in 1983, long before what it is today. When I started Geocaching the two appeared to be a great fit. Geocaching allowed me to visit places in the places the ship was docking that I would likely not see otherwise.

I have not long ago returned from a cruise that many of my fellow cachers and friends was jealous of.
It has taken me some time to write this as I lost the use of my computer then I had to restore my photos and then there is life.

I left Vancouver on Saturday April 16 for Sydney, Australia arriving Monday morning at about 830 am on a non stop flight from Vancouver to Sydney.
The plan was to use the Hop on Hop off bus on Tuesday and visit the Blue Mountains on Wednesday via train and then a walking tour of Sydney on Thursday and Friday we would visit the Sydney Fish market then down to the inner harbour for a walk and a stop at the Opera House bar for Happy Hour.
On Saturday we would leave about 1030 to board the ship about 1130.

I had rented what is called a serviced apartment in Sydney. The place was The Meriton on Campbell.

This would turn out to be a great location as it was close to the Central Train and China Town.
The Meriton comes will a full size fridge, dishwasher, 2 burner stove, microwave and washer and dryer.
There is a Coles grocery store 2 blocks away in the World Trade Centre.
After paying $52 AUD for Fish and Chips at a place in Bondi Beach. It was then we learned that eating in might be the better choice.

Upon arrival in Sydney it is not like flying into any place else I don’t think. Passengers don’t jump up from their seats to get to overhead bins and rush to get off. You see the plane has to be fumigated upon arrival where they spray all the overhead bins contents. The same thing is done to all luggage as well.
This took about 20 minutes and then we deplaned and headed for Customs and Quarantine.

This process was quick and were out of the area in record time.

I had brought my phone with me and needed to pick up a sim card for it. The location was right outside customs. I used Opus which gave me a sim card for $20 AUD and this included 1.5 GB of data. I would get free local calls for 3 months. I could call back to Canada for 8 cents a minute which would be deducted from the $20. I further used this card in Fiji as well. I came home with money still on the card.

Upon arrival at the apartment we were able to get into our room right away. We unpacked for the 5 nights here. I really didn’t sleep on the flight like my friend did.

After my nap I headed over to Paddy’s Market in China Town where we went upstairs to have something to eat.
Here one can get Asian cuisine from Thai, Indian, and Chinese. It is also reasonably priced.

There was no caching today along the way.

Today I head out on this rather cloudy day with a chance of rain to catch the first Hop on Hop off Bus at Central Train Station.
The idea was to take a full circle back to Central before deciding where to get off.
As many Hop on Hop off Buses around the world are double-decker bus with the top deck being open to the elements. This would be the case for the last bit of the tour as the heavens opened up on us and we had to retreat to the bottom deck.
We arrived back at Central and decided to catch the Hop on Hop off to Bondi beach.
There we got off and walked the length of the beach.
We noticed that there are really no geocaches along the beach and we sat on the stairs observing the beach and thinking of a way we could place a Earthcache here. We gathered our information and photos to use upon our return home.


I was thinking of this for my Earthcache.

We needed some lunch and ate at a place called Lush on Bondi which allows outside seating. As I said earlier this is the place we paid $52 AUD for fish and chips and 2 beer.
Great location and great scenery and the beer was cold and the food good.

Once done we continued down the beach and then back to catch the bus.

Bondi Beach

Sitting on the stairs looking at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

We got off the bus at the stop at Circular Quay where the Ferries depart from. From here we walked around the harbour and over to the Sydney Bridge to gather some info for the virtual near there. I had done the virtual on a previous trip and my friend was going to do it this trip.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge see the people at the top of the arch walking the bridge?

Sydney Opera House

The iconic Sydney Opera House

Can you see them now walking at the base of the Flag Pole?

Can you see them now walking at the base of the Flag Pole?

We tried to get a cache called Campbell’s Cove and the GPS had us in a location that just didn’t make sense. We checked what we thought should be the area but there were just too many muggles around.

Arriving back from where we got off the bus we had made it back in time to catch the last bus back to the Central train station.

Today being Wednesday we are headed to catch the train to the Blue Mountains from Central Station. Last night we picked up 2 OPAL cards at the local 7-11 by the apartment that we had loaded with $30 AUD on each card.
We caught the train just before 7:00 and sat back to enjoy the 2 hour ride to Katoomba.

Arriving in Katoomba we headed out the station and across the street to buy our tickets for the Hop on Hop off bus here.
We had wanted to do a hike and the driver explained there were two ways to do this hike with one being much easier than the other and ending up at the same location.
One involved several hundred stairs down and several hundred stairs back up.
The other was suppose to be much flatter than the other.

We got off the bus at Katoomba Falls lookout and headed out across the grass and then down the stairs as directed by the driver but not before we looked for the Katoomba Falls cache in the park. We spent over 30 minutes and finally called uncle.

The stairs down to the lookout.

The stairs down to the lookout.

The view from the lookout was amazing. We were told that if you took away all the trees and vegetation in would look like the Grand Canyon.
I think the most amazing thing was seeing hundreds of Cockatoos flying around from the lookout.
We could also see the Three Sisters Peaks from here.

We continued back up the stairs to the trail and headed to what we hoped was the more level trail. We passed a water falls then up more stairs headed to Cliff View Lookout and Geocache

creek near the trail we crossed

creek near the trail we crossed

water falls

water falls

You can see the last view point we were last at.

You can see the last view point we were last at.

when do a geocache you never know what may be watching you...

when do a geocache you never know what may be watching you…

We were standing at the Geocache here when this appeared over us. There was no one else on the trail but then this cable car appeared over us.

what do you mean more stairs?

what do you mean more stairs?

When we came around the corner we heard this silent scream that was yelling noooo at the site of more stairs. Starting up we realized that the top and finish of this trail was in site.

It was a short walk on the trail to Echo point where we could view Three Sisters below.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

After viewing Three Sisters it was off to do 2 geocaches near here and hop back on the bus here to our next stop.

view from Gordon Lookout

view from Gordon Lookout

We did a geocache here and while the falls were dry but the view was fantastic.

noooo not more stairs....

noooo not more stairs….

At the top of the stairs we were rewarded with a Kookaburra bird.

Kookaburra Bird

Kookaburra Bird

From here we boarded the bus back to Katoomba and had something to eat at Subway. We then did one more geocache before heading back to the train station for the trip back to Sydney.

I have to say while we not on the ship at this point this is exactly how I try and combine a day of sightseeing and Geocaching.

It was over the next few days we did a walk of Sydney Harbour that was conducted by a fellow passenger who we met before the cruise who lived in Sydney. The last day we visited the Sydney Fish Market and walked around the inner harbour before finishing up at the Opera House Bar for happy hour.

view from the Sydney Bridge of the iconic Opera House

view from the Sydney Bridge of the iconic Opera House

view of Circular Quay from the bridge

view of Circular Quay from the bridge

view of Sydney Harbour

view of Sydney Harbour

lorikeets in a tree where I thought the geocache was hidden.

lorikeets in a tree where I thought the geocache was hidden.

oldest Pub in Sydney where where stopped for a beer.

oldest Pub in Sydney where where stopped for a beer.

a view from Circular Quay back across the harbour.

a view from Circular Quay back across the harbour.

The Sydney Fish market followed by the Opera House.

King Prawns anyone?

King Prawns anyone?

Fish anyone?

Fish anyone?



I kid you not that at this Sashimi Bar I saw people paying upwards of $200 AUD for a meal here. One could get a Lobster Dinner across the way from here for $180 AUD.

a little calamari and chips

a little calamari and chips

Opera House

Opera House

view from the Opera House Bar

view from the Opera House Bar

View from the Opera Bar

View from the Opera Bar – click on photo for larger image

The day has come where we board the Explorer of the Seas bound for Seattle with stops in-between.

Explore of the Seas 2016

Boarding the ship was quick and easy.
This is where I was looking forward to meeting my old friends again who I have sailed with on a few occasions before. It was also where we can finally have a couple of days off before reaching our first 3 ports.

The Explorer of the Seas is a Voyager class ship for Royal Caribbean and underwent a midlife refit last May in Europe. I have been on this class of ship before a few times so I wanted to see the changes.

As you can see from the itinerary I posted above most people cringe at it when they see 7 sea days in a row. I get asked is there enough to do on the ship, and the simple answer is yes. I have never been board with this many sea days.
The Explorer OTS has a mall running down the middle of the ship that has an Coffee Shop, Starbucks (also), Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, English Pub and many many shops to name a few. There is the Flow Rider up on the stern along with mini golf, rock climbing wall, basketball court for a few more things to do.

Looking down the mall at night during an event

Looking down the mall at night during an event

This cruise had well over 1600 passengers from Australia which made for a great mix.

The food range was okay but not great. I can say that we had Lamb many nights on the ship with one night being served was “Skippy” or better known as Kangaroo. Yes I did order it and ate it and I must say it doesn’t taste like chicken.

Now our arrival in Noumea was the second time I have been here. This time there were a few new caches and some that were recently archived that were part of a trail.
I have to say before I head on a trip like this I start looking at the places about 2 months out to see what is going on and possible locations.
The trail I mentioned had about 10 caches along it but all the logs indicated that the locations were nothing more than garbage dumps. The cache Owner took exception to this and removed the caches and disabled them. About 1 month before I left I posted a note asking what was going on. The Local reviewer saw it and the caches were archived.

It should also be noted that if you visit a another country make sure you read the cache page BEFORE you leave. It may be in a language that you do not understand. While many European Countries have pages that in at least 3 languages places like Noumea may only be in French. If this is the case I translate the page in Google and then post at least the hint in the notes of GSAK.

The plan was take a small tourist train for a 2.5 hour and then walk around the city itself grabbing a few caches along the way.
We did manage to do as planned and ended up picking up a few caches while seeing some very interesting things.

The next day would bring us to a very interesting place called Mystery Island. This literally an island with a runway down the middle of it and a small terminal building. No one lives on the island. The bigger island a short distance away is where people in this area live and they use this airport to fly away.

As it says the Mystery Island Terminal

As it says the Mystery Island Terminal

This is essentially a beach stop where the locals arrive by small boats and set up tables and sell their wares.
We manged to replace one cache that had been missing after contacting the cache owner and find 1 other and do an Earthcahe.

Home away from home - Explorer of the Seas

Home away from home – Explorer of the Seas

In the afternoon we manged to spend some time swimming and later found out we were very lucky not to have stung by the jelly fish. Riding the tender back showed us more than 80% of those that did go swimming did get stung.

Britten-Norman Islander x3

Britten-Norman Islander x3

enjoying the beach

enjoying the beach

looking down the grass runway

looking down the grass runway

cache location

cache location

The next day would bring us to Port Villa, Vanuatu where I was hosting an Event near the entrance to the port prior to departure.
There was 2 caches in town but both could be questionable as 1 had been missing for 6 months and the reviewer has been on the CO’s case about getting back up and on the last reviewer note he had one month to deal with it. The day before the archive day he puts it back in play and says all is good now.

Flower Market

Flower Market

Well I went looking for it and it was still within the construction zone and the sign that had been talked about is also missing.


No cache here...

No cache here…

The other cache was just too far away and uphill.
This brings us to arriving back at the port and my Event. There were a few cachers on the ship and they attended. As the Event started the heavens opened up and wow what a mess.


need a mud bath?

need a mud bath?

Nice looking Hotel

Nice looking Hotel as we headed back to the ship via water taxi

What I have learned along the way cruising and geocaching is if things look like it could be a no find port and no new country is host an event. As Cache Owner of the Event you are allowed to log your own event. Now you get credit.
The problem recently is there is only 2 reviewers that cover the world for these out of the way places. They know exactly what you are doing and they try and now discourage it. I tried to host and event on Mystery Island and it was highly suggested that I don’t, so I didn’t. I may need an event at a later day and the help of this reviewer.

Ahh sea day and sunset

A nice sunset at sea.

After spending yesterday at sea and some much needed rest we have arrived in Suva Fiji for 2 days.
Docking across the street from the Bus depot which is nothing short of a madhouse with the constant sounding of horns.

Need I say more

Need I say more

I knew before arriving here that caching was not likely going to happen as there were no caches in Suva and the only caches were hours away by car. There was also the problem of Typhoon Winston that went across the island 5 weeks back which still had many roads closed.
So we would spend the day shopping and looking around. All I can is the people were very friendly and interesting they are always welcoming you by saying Bula to you.
This is where I should have held an event but the problem was we didn’t know if we would pass this port by because of the damage done by the storm at the time I had to submit the event.

After sailing from Suva we now have 7 sea days to Hawaii. It is really 6 calendar days because we have May 2nd for 48 hours. That old dateline sure plays havoc with camera’s and the likes.

It is a major rest period with many things to happen over the coming days. We have the crossing on the dateline party then some guy named King Neptune makes an appearance so Pollywogs can be presented before him and his court and then once dealt with become Shellbacks.
I became a Shellback a few cruise back, so no kissing the Cod or what ever fish they have on tap.

Passengers gathered for King Neptune and his Court

Passengers gathered for King Neptune and his Court

This cruise one lucky Passenger was chosen to "kiss" the fish on behalf of all passengers.

This cruise one lucky Passenger was chosen to “kiss” the fish on behalf of all passengers.

On my first King Neptune crossing they had passengers line up and baptized with water from the Ocean. Now they select one passenger and they do it for all.


You can see King Neptune on his throne

Some of the food for after the ceremony

Some of the food for after the ceremony

The sun sets on another day

The sun sets on another day

The following is some of the Food we had over the sea days that continued.

Mushroom Pastry Appy

Mushroom Pastry Appy

Chilled Soup

Chilled Soup

Steak non the menu.

NY Steak on the menu.

Dessert anyone?

Dessert anyone?

So after the many days at sea we have managed to make it to Honolulu Hawaii.
A few days ago they sent us a letter saying that the cruise line didn’t have a copy of our E Visa’s that are required to enter the USA as we are NON US Citizens.
It is always not good when the cruise line doesn’t know the rules. A call down to the Front Desk set this straight.

Now everyone including Crew have to go through US Immigration and this process is expected to last about 5 -6 hours. Normally no one can go ashore until the whole ship is cleared. This sure is going to blow my visit up to Honolulu real quick if this is the case.
The good news that comes is they are doing it by Lifeboat Station and I am A4 so I am just after 7:00 AM.

I learned many years ago while traveling home through Chicago and a short connection that Canadians can use the US Citizens only line because of the Free Trade Agreement a Customs Agent told me.
I thought why not try it today as the line-up for non US wrapped up around Deck 6 because of the 1600 Australians on-board.

I lined up in the US line-up and the friend traveling with me wanted to have nothing to do with this because the Purser checking documents said we have to go upstairs. I explained things and then said that you said we had to have a E Visa too.
I arrive at the front of the line after about 15 minutes and my friend is staying several people back expecting me to get fired out of there and present my Passport and Customs says Welcome and stamps my Passport and says have a good day.
A sticker is placed on my passport and we are off.

A quick check outside finds people getting off the ship. Hmm the ship has been cleared I wonder? I check with the Deputy Cruise Director and mention passengers are going a shore did I miss the announcement on the ship being cleared? He says no the ship has not been cleared that he knows of and says he will call the Cruise Director. Sure enough the ship has been cleared but no one told him.

I think you are seeing communication is not good on RCI.

So the plan is grab a Cab to the Car rental in Waikiki and drive over to Diamond Head and hike to the top.

We managed to be in the car by about 830 and at Diamond Head by about 930. Since is was Sunday this proved to be a bit of a challenge getting into the Park and getting a parking spot.

It was then take our water and start our way to the top. I have to admit the heat and humidity was already a challenge and after many stops we made it to the half way point. It was at this point my friend said no way can’t do it. I said yes you can and it will be worth it.

There is a section I can remember from years ago that require climbing about 125 stairs but I found out since then there is another way to go to avoid those stairs, that was the way we selected to go.

Our Mountain in the distance

Our Mountain in the distance

Made it to the cache near the top

Made it to the cache near the top

view from the back towards Waikiki

view from Diamond Head back towards Waikiki

View from eartcache as we drove around the island

View from Earthcache as we drove around the island

As we headed around the island Geocaching along the way there was a must stop at the Dole Pineapple Plantation Farm to get a Geocache I didn’t have loaded when I was here before.

Dole Plantation farm

Dole Pineapple Plantation farm

Yes that is a Geocache

Yes that is a Geocache

My Sensitive side

My Sensitive side

One of the final caches of the day was this Virtual cache below. The interesting part in this is the plaque has been missing for years for the information and you have to search the internet looking for the info.

img_2919There was another Virtual (Statue) we did but it appears it was moved years ago to the other side of the street and the other end of the block but the coordinates have never been changed.

From here we headed back to Waikiki and looked around and returned the car. From here was were to go for dinner at the Shore Bird but there was one thing we had forgot about, it is Mothers Day. This appears to not going happen now so back to the ship and try and make it to the Dining Room.
Well it turns out to be our lucky day we made it and No Room Service for us.

After dinner we headed to bed as we had to be up early for our next Port in Maui which was a Tender port. There was no watch the sail-away at 11:59 PM for us.

With our arrival in Lahaina Maui we had to be up early to get tender Tickets to get ashore.
During the sail in I noticed the seas were rather rough, this isn’t good when you are going to tender.

Hmm could be a bit rough this morning on the tender.

Hmm could be a bit rough this morning on the tender.

We managed to be on the second tender and then had to wait for the shuttle bus for the rental car location. On the way in we had a couple of people sick and a few very wet people near the door.
We were here for 2 days so we would have the car until 4:00 PM tomorrow.

Only the driver was able to go get the car and thus I did and returned to pick up my other half and two friends.
The driver said yesterday a tender on a Princess ship hit the rocks at the entrance to the harbour and was holed.

The plan was to head to the top of Haleakala and enjoy the view. There was one problem with that the weather started to change as we got to that end of the island. On the way we got socked in and it was raining. Arriving at the top the Ranger told us it has been like this for days. We wanted to come back for sunrise in the morning but he said the weather is expected to be the same.

yep not looking so good....

yep not looking so good….

We headed down the mountain stopping for a few Geocaches along the way. We were in Kahului getting some caches when the rains started again. We also needed to stop for lunch when we noticed a Costco. Heck let’s stop get gas and see what they have in the way of Hawaiian shirts etc. and grab a hot dog on the way out.
Turns out the shirts were about $20 each and made in Hawaii which was way cheaper than we had seen anywhere so far. So after gas, shirts and hotdogs we were off. It turns out we were off all right, right into the Wal-Mart down the road looking for souvenirs.

After stopping here and picking up a few things we were off again. Next stop was a few locations for views and then into Lahaina where we parked the car and walked around and picked up a few more Geocaches along the way.

stop along the way and getting a cache.

stop along the way and getting a cache.

We were off the ship just after 8:00 and the plan was head north through Kaanapali and then continued through Kapalua making a few stops. I must say once you pass the later you are pretty much down to single lane road with sheer cliffs and no railings. There was a stop at

then onto Kahakuloa where we turned around and headed back.
There was cache in particular that we did called Olu’olu This is why I love Geocaching. Walking into the Rain Forest among the Mango trees with ripe mango’s falling all around you and trying not to step on them.
There was also a nearby Letterbox I tried to get but it proved too elusive for me.

The following photos are taken during the road trip around the island as I described above.

tender leaving the mothership

tender leaving the mother-ship

view from one of the many stops

view from one of the many stops

that road is single lane

that road is single lane – oh yes I am standing at a cache.

view point

one of the many view points

Nakalele Blowhole

Nakalele Blowhole -there are two heads in the lower left of the photo


believe it or not there is suppose to be a cache down there. I passed on it.

believe it or not there is suppose to be a cache down there. I passed on it.

my sensitive side once again

my sensitive side once again

boy that is some red soil

boy that is some red soil

sitting near a cache

sitting near a cache


trail into Olu'olu

trail into Olu’olu

dropping off TB at the Olu'olu cache

dropping off TB at the Olu’olu cache

a little further down the trail This is why I cache.

a little further down the trail This is why I cache.

I have to say that after returning the car and then back to the ship it was sad to say good-bye to Hawaii as our next stop would mean we are home, mind you that is 5 sea days away.
Still lots of parties to attend and friends to visit with.

There is still a Dinner in Giovanni’s Table Italian trattoria with friends. We ate here the first night and it was okay but there was only 2 of us. This type of restaurant often lends itself to a better experience Family Style.

Now there was no end of Australian Beer Specials because once this ship reaches Seattle that all changes back to North American brands.

The following is some photos of the Private Galley Tour I managed for myself and table mates.

prepping a seafood appetizer

prepping a seafood appetizer

buns for dinner

buns for dinner

Escargot anyone? note the butter in the mixing bowl

Escargot anyone? note the butter in the mixing bowl

waiting for the butter

waiting for the butter

the 3 level dining room

the 3 level dining room

In all, what makes cruising and caching so nice and what I think is a good fit is you only pack and unpack once and get to visit some very unique places in the world. I get to come home to the ship to a great meal at the end of the day and not have to figure that end of things out.

I have been asked why I don’t put o n a cruise for Geocaching and to be honest I don’t really have an answer. I started cruising in 1983 long before Geocaching started. I have watched it from it’s modern day beginnings to what it is now.
I have helped put Group Cruises together before for upwards of 550 people. I have done this a few times, so I have the experience.
I have been to Alaska what some say is too many times, but I have to say I love Alaska.
I have a group of friends that I met cruising who are Geocachers and we do still cache and cruise together.
I have started people off caching while on a cruise who still cache today.
I am known for booking last minute deals such as Saturday afternoon leaving Monday or Thursday leaving Saturday from San Juan on a 14 day Transatlantic cruise to Málaga Spain. Have to this is likely the best deal I have ever done at $1450 including First Class Air to San Juan, the cruise and then First Class from London to Vancouver oh and the best part was the flight between Málaga and London for 2.00 €.

I found the above 24 Day cruise from Sydney to Seattle for a real low price about $1100 pp.

It would appear my next cruise is from Singapore to Barcelona for 23 days. This will be almost all new places for me except Barcelona and there are 14 of us booked right now 7 of our group of 14 are Geocachers.

So now you have an idea of where my Geocaching name came from…..

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Publishing an Event – not so fast

One would think that getting an Event cache published would not be that hard.
It should be as easy as filling in the blanks and hitting submit.

Not so quick I have found out.

Back in September I tried to get an Event Published for the Mount Seymour Fish Hatchery Open house that happens once a year.
In the past the BCGA has been involved and this year because of the Forest Fire rating the event was not posted until about 2.5 weeks before it happened.
The idea is a shuttle bus is provided from the parking lot to the hatchery (non-profit) 11 km up the mountain. This would allow cachers to visit the hatchery but also walk down a very nice trail to pick up the caches beside the trail on the way down.

The Event was turned down for a reason I was surprised at which was I was holding an event alongside another event. The Hatchey was considered commercial despite what the website said. There was nothing I could do except appeal it which I did and have not heard back as I write this. The event date is long passed.

The interesting thing was the very next day two Events were published that were being held along side other events in a park.

This past week I submitted another event which I thought (along with others) thought would be a slam dunk. The event was for the December 31 Say Good-bye 2015, Hello 2016 events which Groundspeak is sponsoring.
I live near a great location which has lots of parking a covered area and bathrooms. This appears to now be a requirement of hosting an event.

I submitted the time as 9:00 AM and because it is a work day I listed it as a 4 Difficulty explaining that I wanted this rating because it was a work day. I have done other events like this at 8:00 AM and listed them as a 5 Difficulty and called on by the reviewer and once explained my rating has been allowed despite what the rules suggest.
I then added a Scuba Attribute to the cache page. I do this for my fellow cachers who are working on Challenge Caches who need this Attribute to complete a challenge. I have a couple of caches with this on it today. I have had many emails from cachers thanking me for this as they were able to complete a challenge as a result.
If one looks at the many power trails in the desert they have this attribute on them. I have never heard of a problem or had a problem doing this until now.

I submit the cache once done and it is rejected for 3 reasons.

-Parking coordinates are incorrect.
-The cache is a Difficulty 4 and should be reduced to a 1 due to the guidelines in the rules for events.
-I have incorrectly placed a Scuba Attribute and this should be corrected.

The parking coordinates were correctly submitted but were entered in the wrong box which I thought were connected to the cache location. I have not used the “new” cache page much and stayed with the old page until I was forced to use it. This caused me the problem and I corrected it.
I explained the Scuba Attribute along with lowering the Difficulty to 1.5.
Yep rejected again because none of this allowed even with an explanation.

I have to say this about the Reviewer I am dealing with and that is we have some history that caused me some problems a few years back. I had to submit all my caches to Headquarters for a period of time and didn’t have any problems. I then am placed back into the regular reviewer pool and this reviewer has yet to allow any of my caches.
One of the reasons sure had the WTF moment and then the appeal to groundspeak had everyone who has read it including Canada Customs going really, but this is for another post.
I have held Events in other places in the world and not one problem. I have placed caches in other parts of the world and not one problem, yet try and do it here and I get rejected.
This may not appear so bad but almost all my known Geocaching friends that have tried to place caches have been subject to major scrutiny. One of these friends has been told the reason is because who you associate with.

I don’t mind there being a problem, but being told exactly how I have to publish a cache with no latitude allowed (which has been allowed before for both myself and others) is what bothers me. If Events are now only allowed to be a 1/1 then only allow the event page to show that. It is a simple script change.

Even more frustrating is the fun is being sucked out of the game. I suspect that the many problems I have experienced and heard of recently is why many are saying no more premium membership (as we are not being treated as customers) and Munzee here we come.

There is more to say on this and stay tuned.

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The Road to Jasmer

In caching there is a Jasmer Challenge where one is to find a geocache placed in every month since May 2000.

The Jasmer Challenge gets it’s name after a cacher by the name of jasmerb. He came up with the idea in December 2008 and created the first Jasmer challenge

Many cachers have looked at this challenge and tried to complete with many finding problems along the way.

Every year I try and challenge myself with what I want to accomplish for the next year as far as geocaching goes. I decided last December I would try and complete the Jasmer Challenge. What I didn’t know is what lengths I would I have to go to find a cache in verey month for 15+ years. The big problem is the first 20 months of caching. Many of the original caches are no longer around and one has to travel great distances to find a cache placed in the needed moth.
If you live in North America you don’t have to travel that far compared to elsewhere in the world as they have to come to North America to complete the challenge.

Out of the 20 months I needed 10 months. I found a great list of the oldest caches and used it to help me along the way.

What I didn’t know is exactly how far I would have to drive this year. My first trip of the challenge took me to Alberta where I would get Alberta’s first geocache Strathcona Wilderness 1. I would also get one other cache in Alberta before returning back home.

The net trip would require a trip to Nephi, Utah to get Potters Pond. This required a drive to almost 10,000 feet then a hike up a mountain that took 40 minutes. Getting this cache was very rewarding as ALL 5 log books were in the cache and one could look back for 15 years. The area the cache was in was amazing as well.

There was the trip in September a few weeks back that had me visit the Portland Area to get GC16, GC17 and GC142. GC16 and GC17 that required good hikes to get these.

After this I returned home and I was left with 2 to get and the closest ones to me were in Northern California.

I left for northern California on October 1st headed for Klamath Falls and stayed the night. That night I did several Virtual caches in the area.
In the morning I headed south into California and a cache called Vitreous. The drive in was something else as my OSM maps was lacking a forestry road I needed and had me do a 36 km detour. Looking at my GPS and coming upon a road that looked like it might take me directly there I decided to try it. Sure enough it was only a few kilometers to the cache along this road.
Getting to this cache and the short walk in is why I love doing this. It was an amazing area. I located the cache and it was placed in December 2000 and there was only 1 logbook and it was the original one. Not many people (140) have been here since it was placed.

From here it was off to Gilroy California where I would visit friends for the weekend.

Leaving Gilroy I head up and over to Yuba City and get GC5F which is just a plain old stop sign cache, nothing special about it other than it fills a spot in my calendar for the month.
From here is was point the car north and head home.
I had completed what I set out to do this trip.

Upon arriving home I had one more cache to get to complete this challenge. While I had now found the oldest caches I needed I had to find a cache that was placed in October 2015.
That was soon done.

Along the way I have traveled (cruised) around the world and visited some amazing places. I have met some amazing people. I have set a record that I am certain that I share with no other cacher and that is finding a cache on the road as far as you can drive in Canada outside of Inuvik NWT and the farthest you can drive in South America in Ushuaia Argentina a distance of 14,847 km apart.

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TFTC, TFTH – Really?

Ahh yes Found Logs with just this in them.
For those that have no idea these means it means:
TFTC – Thanks for the Cache
TFTH – Thanks for the Hide

These are common when one writes a Found log on a cache at the end of the log.

Now with the advent of Mobile Phone apps for geocaching this appears to be all we see no matter how good the cache was.

There are many Cache Owners (CO) that spend a lot of time getting the container together and then finding the spot to place the cache and making the cache page itself. This is not done in 30 minutes as some would believe.

For myself I along with 2 other cachers we placed a series of caches that are basically different from each other cache. We tried to make each one unique and some that you would have to really think. In fact I have one cache that has over a 55% Did not Find (DNF) rate. I have no idea why many don’t like to log DNF’s but is it because it looks like you failed?
DNF’s when logged show a CO that there may be a problem with the cache.

I have had 1 DNF log and then a Owner Maintenance Required Log. Really? The reason is I have found over 5000 caches so if I can’t find it then it must be missing. I hate it when I see this because it means I have to go and visit the cache and see if it is missing. The kicker is you didn’t even log a DNF you went right to the Owner Maintenance log.
I really hate certain caches that I know are there.
There are cachers with over 30,000 found caches that I cache with and they log DNF’s so why can’t you?

For those out there that have taken to just being quick it is one thing to do this for a lamp skirt but on a good cache really? We as cache owners put a lot of time and effort into placing these for you to find. I love reading the logs for my caches and I know many other Co’s do as well.

Don’t be afraid to give a cache a Favorite Point either if it is unique. Many of you have more Favorite Points than you know what to do with. It makes us know we did something right when we thought of this cache. It makes us want to make one even better.

Think about your log and the cache before you just put TFTC or TFTH….

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